Bruest heater-12x60 for freeze protection in pilot regulator kiosk

Bruest heater-12×60 for freeze protection in pilot regulator kiosk

Many people have asked us why we declined the opportunity to exhibit our flameless infrared technology at Offshore Europe 2015 in Aberdeen this year, especially as it is such an important and well attended exhibition. In fact we have always had a good response from trade shows (please see photo below of our stand at a different exhibition).

TCS stand at exhibition in N.E.C.

TCS stand at exhibition in N.E.C.

The answer is that the exhibition comes at a time when demand for our ATEX certified flameless gas catalytic infrared heaters is very high anyway. September is the time of year that forward-looking Asset Managers start thinking about a safe and reliable means of freeze protection for pilot regulators and compact off-takes as well as space heating for hazardous areas such as metering and instrumentation buildings. So, in recent years we have decided instead to invest in stock and in keeping our prices as low as possible. . So if you are looking for an ATEX certified heater please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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