We’re ready for winter, are you ? We currently have in stock our standard model, the 12″x 72″.

This  provides 10.5 kW of heat from propane ( bottled/tank) gas or 12.66 kW when set up for Natural ( mains) gas.


Back of Bruest model 12"x72"

Back of Bruest model 12″x72″ heater showing explosion-proof junction box, manual start system and the standard  installation kit for L.P.G.

The heater comes complete with :

Stainless steel protective face grill.

Wall mounting brackets as required

Suitable heat-resistant  cable ( for pre-heat- 20 minutes only)  to allow you to reach out of the hazardous area to an ordinary 3-pin, 13 amp socket

1/8″ brass pressure test point(s)

armoured flexible gas hose- 1/2” x 2 foot long

fine adjustment needle valve (to control heat output)

suitable G.B. approved manual isolating lever ball valve ( to shut down the heater)

Gas pressure regulator (to fit onto a propane gas bottle)

ATEX certified brass reducing bush and  ATEX certified brass cable gland.   






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